Jul. 6th, 2009

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I went on a short patrol just to familiarize myself with my new 'home' some.

LA is proving difficult. I'm used to towering skyscrapers, updrafts, labyrinthine alleys. Gotham is a vertical city and it's easy to swing from building to building. LA is like a big wasteland of stubby, ugly buildings. There's none of the gothic beauty of Gotham here, and so far I don't care for it. I spend more time avoiding being seen than I do watching for crime.

What I will probably do is invest in a motorcycle or something so I can patrol on ground level. In Gotham, we had the advantage of the sky where we could keep a watchful eye on things. Los Angeles is a horizontal city and it's actually a bit unsettling. I feel like a lot of my training is going to waste here.
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Batman is TO'ed... and so am I!

I told him about the conversations I've had with Gotham's ex-pats. I told him about some new criminals here in LA. I showed him that funny picture where they all have afros and Nygma has that hilarious look on his face. I showed him those horrible, horrible pictures Joker showed me regarding me and him and Nightwing and all that grossness.

AND HE GOT MAD AT ME! I mean I knew he would, he's always mad. BUT, then come to find out, he already knew about the pictures!!!!! He'd already seen that website where that person draws that crap! He even mentioned the creepy bunny one specifically -- how embarrassing is that? I asked him why he had never told me and he said he had protective measures on the internet in the Batcave, so that I wouldn't find those kinds of things.

I can't believe he did that! I thought I'd gotten past all that obsessive control-freak stuff he had, but NO. Gosh that makes me so mad I just want to kick the wall or something. I don't know which is worse, that he had seen those horrible pictures, or that he hid them from me.
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Before I left Gotham, a friend told me I should try the sushi while on the west coast. He said it was waaaay better. I was skeptical, but tonight I tried some since I still have awhile before it gets dark and I can start my patrol.

WOW!!!! Was he ever right! I have a feeling I'm going to be on a sushi diet for a few days here it's so amazingly good. Mmm!!!!


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