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Nightwing decided to call and chew me out too. I guess Batman complained to him or something -- who knows. Le original thought that his berating me for thirty minutes would help the situation. Oh, wow, gee, thanks, Nightwing. Your input as usual was just overwhelmingly helpful and insightful, and of course highly wanted. Thanks eeeeverrr so much.


This song just about sums up how I am feeling right now, or rather, what I wish I could tell Batman:

Good grief

Jul. 15th, 2009 11:26 am
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So... I just got off the phone with Batman. The call lasted over an hour but was mostly filled with long awkward silences. If you've never had a conversation with Batman, that's basically all there is -- a lot of not talking. Batman is the master of not-talking. In person it's not so bad because at least you can see him staring a hole through your head while you make yourself look as apologetic as possible. That doesn't quite translate over the phone.

Needless to say he's completely and utterly PO'ed. The quieter he is the angrier you know he is, and that was one quiet phone call. I already knew he'd be disappointed in me, I already knew I'd let him down, but that didn't make it any easier. All I can do is my best and hope that somehow I can redeem myself in his eyes, though I'm not sure that's possible.

He told me not to contact him any longer unless it was an emergency. What does that mean? What's an emergency to him? When you're on your last breath and your body is going cold? If LA has its way that day may be sooner rather than later. Maybe everyone's right, maybe Batman doesn't want me around anymore.

Anyway, I saw this video and it reminded me of Gotham for some reason. I'm really homesick.

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I don't get it, but it's funny anyway!

Next time I get in the Batmobile I'm totally yelling: "Let's Haul A**!" just to see what Batman does.

Batman really doesn't like babies which makes it funnier )

And this one is just weird!!! I don't get it at all! Why do we have tattoos on our backs? Why is Batman blond? Why are there fifty butlers in tight shorts? Why is Batman's cape so shiny? Is that honey he's putting on me?

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Batman is TO'ed... and so am I!

I told him about the conversations I've had with Gotham's ex-pats. I told him about some new criminals here in LA. I showed him that funny picture where they all have afros and Nygma has that hilarious look on his face. I showed him those horrible, horrible pictures Joker showed me regarding me and him and Nightwing and all that grossness.

AND HE GOT MAD AT ME! I mean I knew he would, he's always mad. BUT, then come to find out, he already knew about the pictures!!!!! He'd already seen that website where that person draws that crap! He even mentioned the creepy bunny one specifically -- how embarrassing is that? I asked him why he had never told me and he said he had protective measures on the internet in the Batcave, so that I wouldn't find those kinds of things.

I can't believe he did that! I thought I'd gotten past all that obsessive control-freak stuff he had, but NO. Gosh that makes me so mad I just want to kick the wall or something. I don't know which is worse, that he had seen those horrible pictures, or that he hid them from me.


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